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"For fans who appreciate a progressive, intricate musical twist to their rock and grunge."

Born in a Detroit basement studio, Three Spoke Wheel fuses rock, grunge and 1970's stadium anthems into a musical chameleon with interchangeable parts.  Justin Gumina, Ryan Thomas and Jeff Whitmore are the architects behind this project, ushering listeners into new sonic territory.  With thought provoking lyrics, syncopated beat foundations, ethereal keys and powerful guitars, the energy is palpable.


Studio & Live Recordings

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This 6 song EP represents what the band feels is a growth in their collective musical journey.  After living with these songs for well over a year, the band sought out to build on the foundation established from previous releases. Another self produced recording, the experience in refining these songs proved to be a joyous experience.


"Three Spoke Wheel" is the bands first studio recording.  It was self written, recorded and mixed in Justin Gumina's(guitarist, bassist, pianist, backing vocalist) basement studio.  This album represents the earliest written songs by the band.

Three Spoke Live 3.21.21 v4.png

This live album means a lot to the band as it was the first live show as a band.  After forming in late 2019 and as momentum was building, the pandemic hit.  This release represents the bands work in the "basement" during that time.  As the title implicates, the band got "Above Ground" and out of the basement for their first show.

"Stand In Line" and "Fly Instead of Climb" showcase the bands diverse musical style and energetic stage presence.





Band Shot One.jpg


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